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I'm Jason Thibeault, the Sr. Director of Marketing at Limelight Networks. I'm also a published author, serial entrepreneur, and the founder/creative director at Dime Novel Publishing.

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Jason Thibeault is the senior director of marketing strategy for Limelight Networks. A reformed serial entrepreneur and college professor, Jason is now a digital superhero. He brings dreams to life with video, pictures, and words. He helps some of the world's biggest companies deliver movies, live TV, and their digital presence anywhere in the world. He imagines and builds creative technology solutions that drive today's economy while consorting with CEOs, VCs, and little kids that have aspirations of playing professional hockey. He writes and speaks about storytelling, marketing, advertising, video, mobile, social, and a range of other digital topics to audiences around the world. And in his spare time, he tells stories that feed the imagination of future generations. Jason holds a B.A. in English from the University of California, Irvine Honors Program and a M.A. in English, with distinction, from California State University, Northridge and is a co-author of the marketing thought-leadership book Recommend This! Delivering Digital Experiences People Want to Share (Wiley). Jason also holds several technical patents with Limelight Networks. Follow him on twitter @_jasonthibeault.

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Writing, marketing, branding, advertising, physics, mathematics, philosophy, sociology, reading, movies, and hockey